Welcome to Oxlow Lane Baptist Church!

Our Sunday Services:

10:30am to about 11.30am

6:30pm to about 7.30pm

Communion on first Sunday in evening, and on third Sunday in morning


We are a Christian, Bible-based, Evangelical church.
Our style of worship is informal and relaxed, we aim to be welcoming and friendly

Suspension of meetings

Following the government advice regarding public meetings and the advice from the   Baptist union, as a church we will not be holding meetings until the advice changes. ‘Meetings’ includes our normal Sunday Services.

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Sunday Morning Services

Our most popular meeting is on Sunday morning starting at 10.30am and lasting about an hour.  Everyone joins in the first part of the service and then the younger folk leave for their own crèche, Sunday school or bible class.

Parents of children new to church are encouraged to escort their children to classes,      register them, and stay with them until they are settled and happy.  All parents are asked to collect their children from their classes at the end of the service.

On the first Sunday in the month we normally have an all age service where everyone stays in church to enjoy the service as a family.

Hymns and other information is projected onto a screen to make the services easy to         follow.

We have refreshments after the service, everyone is invited to stay.  Refreshments include tea, coffee, biscuits and a chat.

Communion is celebrated as part of the morning service on the third Sunday of each month and on the evening service on the first Sunday in each month.

Sunday Evenings

Our Sunday evenings service is held at 6.30pm.  These give an opportunity for more in depth teaching and are quieter and more reflective.

See ‘What’s on’ for details  of  other activities

Question you may have

What should I wear? – Be comfortable and reasonable.  Most people simply wear casual clothing.

Where can I sit? – Unless you join us for a special occasion (such as an infant dedicationwedding or baptism) we won’t have any reserved seating. Simply sit where you find yourself most comfortable.

What’s the music like? – We have worship music that includes traditional hymns as well as some more modern songs.

When should I come?

We would be delighted to welcome you into our church whenever you arrive, although you may find it convenient to aim to arrive around ten minutes before services start in order to be comfortably seated for the start of the service.

Other activities happen in the week.  Please see ‘What’s on’.

We are in association with other Baptist churches in the area and with other evangelical churches locally.  We are members of the Baptist Union of Great Britain and the Evangelical Alliance.

Who is who?      Click on this to see some of us

What is a ‘child dedication’?

Well it’s three things…

Firstly, it’s a good time to say thank you as a church for God’s gift of the child being dedicated. Every child is a wonderful gift from God, and we want to give him the glory and celebrate that gift.

Secondly, we recognise that the child being dedicated needs to make commitment to Jesus personally if they’re to be saved by faith. So the parents of the child make a promise (dedicate themselves) before God to share their faith with their child so that they understand the choice that they have before them. It’s also a commitment to pray for them and ask God to draw them to himself.

Finally, the church members gathered at the service will commit to helping the parents in their task of teaching and prayer. We want to support the family so that we can be a part of helping that child to grow in their knowledge of the Lord Jesus. We also make a promise to pray for that child.

So in a funny way, although we talk about dedicating the child, actually we give thanks for the child, and then the parents and the community of believers are the ones who dedicate themselves to the child. It’s a wonderful time.